Natural Health Consultations

Natural Health in Anoka MNDo you want to embrace a healthy, strong, and active life?

Do you want to finally understand why you feel “this way”?

Are you sick and tired of feeling like you have no control over what’s happening to you?

Are you fed up with doctors who don’t help you or doctors not hearing what you have to say?

Do you want to stop masking symptoms and start healing by getting to the root of your symptoms?

If you said yes, then we want to help you take back your health and you life once and for all!

Our Natural Health Consultant will give you a plan to get you life back on track.

  • Easy to implement lifestyle changes
  • Short term attainable goals
  • Accountability

You will be feeling more energy, experience less pain, and gain a better outlook on your future.

The best part – your initial consultation is free (for Beyond Wellness Members)

You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Call today to say yes to getting your life back.


What is a Natural Health Consultation?

Your body, mind and spirit are all parts of the whole. When one area is out of balance, it affects the others as well. If you have painful burning eyes, for example, and the root of the problem isn’t addressed, you may not realize that the hives and itchy skin you are experiencing could be because of the same root problem. Treating one and not the other may only band-aid the problem.

We want you to achieve your optimal health and our Wellness Consultant, Nicole, can help you do just that.


What can you expect?

Your personalized Natural Health Consultation begins with a one on one assessment of your symptoms and health goals with our Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. Based on those results, Nicole will offer insight on the root cause of your symptoms. Nicole has a keen and detailed eye for even seemingly insignificant symptoms. She will offer you natural and easy solutions to help reduce the symptoms you are experiencing. Depending on the findings of your session, you may also receive a complimentary IonCleanse as part of your initial consultation.


How to Reserve Your Natural Health Consultation?

Call 763.421.2807 to get on your road to health today!

What Nicole’s Clients have to say:

I was surprised by how spot on the assessment was. I feel like I finally found someone that is interested in what I have going on and will offer the help I need.” 


“I felt like I was finally heard and that someone cared enough to connect the dots in my health. Nicole gave me easy to follow recommendations to help me feel better. She even noticed things in my assessment I didn’t realize were symptoms of a problem rather than ‘just being the way I am.’ I am looking forward to my adult acne clearing up and stopping my female hair loss.”



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