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If given a choice between real and artificial, the majority of people in most instances will

choose real. No matter the product, there is an implied superiority to the authentic item

as compared to an imitation, no matter how similar the two may be.

Advertisers understand this wholeheartedly. They are quick to tout their product as “real”,

“authentic”, “the original”, or “genuine”.

They even go so far as to highlight the fact that only a tiny portion of their product is pure,

as in, “Made with 10% real fruit juice.” Think about it. They are spelling out right on their

label that this product is 90% fake, yet it is the power of the real 10% that impacts the

consumer’s purchasing decision.

When it comes to the really important decisions, the ones regarding you and your family’s

well­being, you also have a choice between real and artificial. How you choose will have

an incredible impact on your quality of life.

Real, authentic health originates from inside the body and in the meridian system. The

true path to health and wellness is to nurture the body’s natural healing and to keep the

body in balance for life.

Artificial health, on the other hand, is introduced from the outside in. Even in instances

where it is designed to work as much in harmony with the body as possible, it is still

unnatural, harmful, or in many cases, downright deadly.

So we have real vs. artificial; acupuncture vs. medicine. If you don’t mind purchasing an

imitation laden with artificial ingredients and harmful side effects, then go ahead and

choose medicine. If however, you want to create and foster real health for you and your

family, then acupuncture is the clear choice.

And by the way, don’t let the labeling fool you. The relief from headaches, low back pain,

sciatica, neck pain, and any other number of ailments, although legitimate and certainly

appealing, is only window dressing to the true power of acupuncture. The essence of

acupuncture is to remove imbalances by correcting meridian system imbalances, allowing

the body to achieve balance and to function at its maximum capacity. The relief is

wonderful, but it is not the prime objective of the treatment. After all, there are quicker

ways to get relief artificially, but none of them creates health.

Acupuncture treatments are designed to stimulate and activate the body’s innate vital

energies in order to allow the maximum expression of life. When it comes to healthcare

there is nothing more real.

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