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Five Acupuncture Points for Winter

Winter is a word that conjures up many different images, including snowmen, sleigh rides and holidays. During the winter months, nature is resting and replenishing itself for the upcoming spring. And as we are part of nature, we should also be focusing on rest and relaxation.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches that we should live in harmony with the seasons.… Read the rest

Fight Holiday Stress with Acupuncture

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy, celebration and love. But for many, the holidays mean added stress, anxiety and lack of sleep. Some polls show Americans spend an average of 42 hours annually on holiday activities. This could be anything from shopping to traveling to preparing food. And all of that adds up to extra stress that deteriorates the body and mind.… Read the rest

Acupuncture and the Season of Winter

Winter is just one of the five seasons acknowledged by Traditional Chinese Medicine. The ancient Chinese followed the belief humans should live in harmony with the cycles of nature. During the winter months, the darkness and cold indicate we should slow down, take care of our health, conserve our strength and replenish our energy for the upcoming spring and summer months.… Read the rest