Join our ….beyond wellness membership plan

to feel better faster while saving money on your Massage & Acupuncture treatments.


We are your one stop wellness clinic. Your annual membership gets you special pricing on services and products and earns you exclusive gifts for an entire year!

Unlike other spa memberships, our …beyond wellness membership is an annual membership, billed once every 12 months. You only pay for services that you use,  no monthly charges or unexpected add-ons. You can save upwards of $300 per year while feeling better faster. Call our clinic today to get started. 763.421.2807

Pricing, effective Nov 4, 2019

 Member PricingNon-MemberSavings
Massage:60 min90 min    60 min    90 min 
Geriatrics  65+7292100120         28


83103100120         17
Deep Tissue/TP/ Treatment work88108105125         17
Specialty Services*88108105125         17
CBD Msg98118115135        17
Hot Stone (full body)99119116136        17
Thai/ East West99119116136        17
MFR/JFB99119116136        17
Acupuncture Session78 85           7
Acupuncture Package of 6420 450         30
Natural Health Services:     
Ear Candling:35 40          5

*Specialty Services: Active Myofascial Therapy, Acupressure, Adolescent/Baby Massage, Ashiatsu, Bamboo Fusion, CBD Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Cross Fiber Friction Therapy, Cross Fiber Friction Therapy, Cupping, Deep Tissue Massage, Essential Oils / Aromatherapy, Fibromyalgia Massage, Geriatric Massage, Headache Relief (face and neck), Hot Stone Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Massage for Cancer Patients, Massage for Special Needs, Myofascial Release, PNF Stretching, Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Sports, Thai, and TMJ Massage.

Members receive 10% off products
EXCLUSIVE GIFTS for …beyond wellness members only
Birthday Service Voucher $10
Holiday Service Voucher $10
FREE 60 minute massage after your 12th massage* $95

New Client Special:

Save $25 on Annual membership at your first visit. -or-

Save $10 on your Senior membership at your first visit.

12 month Membership Prices:

  • Annual Membership – 12 month enrollment includes one adult and children under age 18 living in the same household. Annual cost $50
  • Family Membership – 12 month enrollment includes two adults and children under age 18 living in the same household. Annual cost $75
  • Senior Membership – 12 month enrollment for one senior, age 65 or older. Annual cost $35

When comparing prices, remember our 60 min service is one full hour on the table.

We don’t want you to wonder how much your massage will cost once you have gotten on the massage table. Our value based pricing makes certain that you can relax and enjoy your massage without a second thought to what the cost will be 

of your massage.


* Prices listed do not include tax.

** Birthday Gift is valid within 30 days of your birthday.  Let us know that its your birthday to receive your $10 discount on any service over $50.

*** Holiday Gift to be used towards any service over $50, valid in the months of January and February. One gift per member.

Membership must be current to redeem discounts and rewards/gifts.

*** A full body hot stone massage has an up-charge as noted.  If stones are incorporated into your massage, there is no extra charge.
**** Medical Massage (Work Comp, PIP, And Auto Insurance Claims) are billed as listed in our policies, terms, and conditions.

For your convenience, you will be automatically renewed annually for the membership option that you currently have.
If you want to make changes to your membership, please contact our clinic at or 763.421.2807.
For full Beyond Wellness Membership details, please see our Terms and Policies page.