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Myofascial Release Therapist Dave at Anoka Massage & Pain Therapy

Areas of Specialization:

Your session may also include a mixture of the following depending on your specific needs:

  • CranioSacral Therapy

Each treatment is tailored differently for each client, every session. No two treatments are the same. Each therapist listens to your body that day and will use whichever modality(ies) that are appropriate for your needs. 

I am a graduate of CenterPoint Massage and Shiatsu School’s East-West Therapeutic Bodywork Program. This 1290 hour in-depth program is designed to combine both the Western scientific approach and the Eastern energetic approach into one methodology. I am a lifelong learner and continue to take continuing education classes, and always will. I also love to share what I have learned with my clients, co-workers, friends, family, and also massage students. Because of that, I also work at Centerpoint Massage and Shiatsu School as a Student Massage Clinic Supervisor.

If you are coming to see me for the first time, you should expect a session focused on your concerns and goals.  I use my knowledge and experience in every session to work the areas that are bothering you as well as to pin point the actual cause of the issue, which in most cases, is not at the site of the pain.  After the first session I will give you feedback and propose a treatment plan that I think will best fit you.

I have always had a natural scientific curiosity of the structure and function of the human body, even as a young boy. Throughout the years I feed this curiosity with education, observation, and challenging myself.  Much of my education was through trauma, injuries, accidents, and surgeries of my own. Once I became a massage therapist, I was able to put this curiosity, and all I had learned, to use helping others. I have continued to learn all I can, and search for better ways to help people heal from traumas of all kinds, and return to a pain-free active lifestyle.

My search to find better ways to help people, lead me to John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach. This type of therapy is a full body approach due to the fact that the cause of pain is rarely at the site of pain. The pain you are experiencing today is likely to be the end result of a process that was started months or years ago, even as far back as your birth. Often times the pain and dysfunction we experience today, is “left-over” from traumas that you experienced throughout your life that you thought you had recovered from.  These “left-overs” can go unnoticed for long periods of time, until something occurs that triggers it, brings it back to the surface, the pain returns.  My goal is to help you discover the true source of pain, bring it up to the surface, and truly heal.

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  • Licensed Massage Therapist, City of Anoka
  • BCTMB, Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body (
  • John F. Barnes MFR certificates: MFR I, MFR II, Unwinding, Fascial-Pelvis, Cervical-Thoracic, Advanced Unwinding, Rebounding
  • Member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP)
  • Certified in CPR/AED and First Aid by the American Heart Association
  • Certified CBD Advisor

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