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Eat Healthy for Less

Eat Healthy for LessBuying healthy food doesn’t have to hurt your wallet. You can make smart choices for
less by:

  • Going with beans instead of meat: Replace meat with canned or dried beans, which are much cheaper. Many recipes made with meat, such as chili, soups and salads, are delicious with beans.
  • Trying canned or frozen fruits and veggies: Compare the price and the serving size of fresh, canned and frozen forms of the same fruits or veggies. Canned and frozen items may be less costly than fresh ones. For canned items, choose fruit that’s packed in 100% fruit juice and veggies with “low sodium” or “no salt added” on the label.
  • Buying store brands: When possible, skip the fancy labels. You’ll get the same or similar product for less money. If your grocery store has a membership card for discounts, sign up.
  • Planning for leftovers: Prepare and freeze veggie soups, stews or other dishes in advance. Add leftover veggies to casseroles or blend them to make soups. This saves time and money.
  • Sticking to your list: Think ahead, make a grocery list and stick to it! Plus, don’t shop when you’re hungry and more likely to choose less healthy options.

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