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Wind generators, solar power, geothermal heat, natural cleaning products, organic

clothing. There are seemingly endless means by which to shrink your carbon footprint

and lessen your impact on the environment.

But while our precious planet manages to garner heavy doses of TLC, there continues to

exist a large dumping ground for dangerous toxins, chemicals, and man­made impurities.

That collective cesspool is the human body, and it is under assault like never before. We

are under the influence of more and more artificial products, and their cumulative effect

over the past few decades is beginning to show its ugly face.

Despite significant advances in the healthcare delivery system, obesity rates are

skyrocketing, autoimmune diseases are on the rise, and there are more medicinal and

surgical procedures being administered than ever before. Antibiotics continue to be

abused, and prescription medications of all sorts are showing up in water supplies across

the nation.

While emergency medical care is absolutely essential, continually dispensing medicine for

conditions better treated naturally or more conservatively is misguided, and in many

cases downright dangerous.

One of the greatest things about acupuncture is that it facilitates healing while preserving

the sanctity of the human body and mind. It’s the ultimate green healthcare!

If a body is already ailing, what sense does it make to subject it to an onslaught of

dangerous chemicals? It is far more productive to nurture the body by bringing it back

into balance naturally and allowing it to rid itself of disease.

But aside from the health advantages of limiting your consumption of drugs, it is simply

more efficient to tap into the renewable resources within the body than it is to try to power

it from the outside. The body is healed and powered by the meridian system, proper diet

and exercise, not by medicine.

As we continue to uncover the long­term effects of medicine and other chemical products,

the responsibility falls on us as consumers to be sure that we are making the best

decisions for us and for our planet, and it is imperative that our choices regarding

healthcare be included in the mix.

Will we continue to make choices that poison our body and the world around us, or will we

trust in cleaner, healthier alternatives that support the body’s natural balance?

The choice is yours…

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