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Are You Living, or Just Alive?

Life is described as many things by different people, but one thing it can never be defined

as is stagnant.

Life is always changing, evolving, increasing, or decreasing in capacity. It is in a constant

state of flux.

While you are sitting there seemingly doing nothing, your body is always on the job

building and repairing tissue, creating new cells, growing hair and nails, digesting food,


The degree to which your body is able to do these things depends primarily upon the

health and vibrancy of your meridian system. There are certainly other factors that come

into play such as proper nutrition, level of exercise and adequate rest, but even their

potency is diminished when shackled by a weakened supply of energy flowing through

the meridian system.

Life is supported by the meridian system and emanates outward into all of your cells,

muscles, nerves, organs and tissues. All other variables being equal, the body is at its

healthiest when there is a steady and free flow of energy within the meridian system.

When the meridian system is blocked, or out of balance, your quality of life diminishes.

Think of it as a hose that is pinched and not able to supply the adequate amount of water

to a growing plant. Eventually the plant will die from lack of water.

It is not necessarily safe to assume that you are at your healthiest, or to put it another

way, at your most alive, simply because you are living, breathing, and exhibiting no

obvious pain or symptoms.

While your level of health may seem completely stable on the outside, in actuality it can

be fluctuating under the surface. A cavity quickly becomes a very painful toothache when

the nerve is exposed, but the process leading up that point can take months, or even

years. Nobody would argue that all the while the tooth was unhealthy under the surface

even in the absence of symptoms.

To ensure that your body remains at its healthiest, it is essential to maintain a balanced,

optimally functioning meridian system and to continually supply your body with the power

that it needs to thrive. To merely be symptom­free is not enough.

While many people associate acupuncture with pain relief, the true essence of an

acupuncture treatment is to support the normal and balanced flow of energy within the


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