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Protect Your Investment

Buying an automobile is probably one of the biggest financial investments you’ll make.

When you consider all the hard work that went into your purchase I’m sure you would

agree that it only makes sense to protect your investment so that you get as much return

on it as possible. You understand that even though your car runs great, performs

magnificently, and looks wonderful on the outside it is imperative that you keep up with

regularly scheduled maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Routine oil changes are

essential to the life of your car’s engine. It would be foolish to sink tens of thousands of

dollars into a new vehicle only to neglect the maintenance and drive it to an early grave.

Restoring your health through acupuncture requires an investment of both your time and

money, and is truly one of the best investments you can make for yourself. If you have

completed, or are in the process of following through with a schedule of comprehensive

acupuncture treatments, then congratulations on your commitment to excellent health!

However, to remain at the pinnacle you worked so hard to achieve it is essential to

incorporate acupuncture wellness care into your lifestyle.

Once you have completed an initial or comprehensive care plan it is important to follow up

with routine visits to maintain your newfound level of health. After all, if it was worth the

investment to regain your health, then you owe it to yourself to maintain it.

The key is to remain proactive and to stay one step ahead of potential problems before

they have a chance to develop. It is far less costly to take your car to the mechanic for

routine maintenance work than it is to wait for a breakdown.

Keep in mind, however, that even with routine automotive maintenance there is still the

potential to develop trouble between service appointments. When the warning lights on

your dash alert you to a problem, it is best to get it checked right away rather than wait

until your next scheduled service.

The same goes for your body. When pain, injuries, or illness occur between wellness

visits, resist the temptation to hold out until your next scheduled visit. If your body is

talking to you, listen to it. The sooner a problem is addressed, the easier and more cost

effective it is to get you over it.

Your body is meant to last you a lifetime. It is not leased and there is no trading it in. Isn’t

it time you started caring for your body as well as you treat your car? Just like oil

changes, fuel line flushes, and tire rotations, wellness visits will keep you running strong

for a lifetime!

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