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How to Eat Out While Loosing Weight

How to Eat Out and Loose WeightEating out can be great – especially when you don’t have time to prepare a meal or want to celebrate a special occasion without the work. The problem is that ordering can feel like a guessing game if you’re watching your diet. But there are ways to stay in control and keep your restaurant visit healthy. Start by ordering water, unsweetened tea or other sugar-free drinks. Then, fill up on low-calorie appetizers, such as salads and grilled vegetables, instead of bread and creamy soups.

For the main dish, choose broiled, grilled or steamed foods over fried ones. The same goes for sides: Say no to fries and yes to baked potatoes. You can also ask for smaller portions or share your meal with your fellow diner(s). If it’s still too much food, get a container before you begin eating and put half away to take home. Finally, choose fresh fruit for dessert.

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