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iOS vs. Android

iOS vs. Android… or is it us vs ourselviosvsandroides?


Everyone has their favorite.  It has even sparked many debates online and between friends.  What happens when your favorite device doesn’t run? It freezes, so do we. A cracked screen gives us a ‘sick to our stomach’ feeling, replaying the slow motion moment it slipped out of our hands to the concrete below.  When our device doesn’t work, neither do we.  What happens when this is what is going on with our body?


Just like our phones or computer, when there is too much going on all at one time, the stress becomes too much and our bodies begin to react by creating inflammation.  That inflammation begins the fight or flight response releasing many different hormones that our bodies use to help defend us.  The problem with that is, if we don’t release those hormones it can build up as toxins and begin to make us sick.


What happens now?? We are frozen, our phone is frozen, we are getting even more stressed than we were to begin with! It takes a full 60 minutes for our chemicals to get back to normal after a fight or flight episode.  Just think of what type of chemical storm can be going on if we never get that time to “reset and restart”.  It sounds like an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.  


We will not hold back on any expense to get our phones, laptop or tablet back up and running.  We will take time out of our busy day before we risk missing a text or email.  What if we treated ourselves with that type of priority? At the first moment we didn’t feel well we took care of it before it goes beyond an acute situation, we could certainly  prevent the need for our body to go through a complete reset.  


Preventing a need to reset begins with self care.  Meeting the needs of your body means handling those little nagging aches and pains with Massage.  Release built up toxins with the Ion Cleanse.  Avoid the flu by utilizing the amazing effects of Acupuncture.  We at Anoka Massage and Pain Therapy want to be your very own `prevention clinic’.  Schedule your appointment today!

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