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If you’ve ever seen an old­time stonecutter at work, you know that persistence pays off.

Equipped only with a sledgehammer, chisel, and determination, they rain blow after blow

down upon the rock, confident that their work will produce the desired result. Although

the stone shows no outward signs of wear and tear, the stone cutter continues on,

knowing that each swing of the hammer will weaken the stone a little more until it finally

splits in half.

Likewise, correcting a long­standing condition takes time and patience, and occasionally

the relief does not come as quickly as you would like. This does not mean that the

treatments are ineffective, but rather that they need the necessary time to work their

cumulative effect. Each treatment builds on the ones before it and helps to create a

whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Just as it takes immense pressure over a long period of time for dense rock to form, most

chronic imbalances result from years of abuse and neglect to the meridian system. Every

trauma that you experience, the years of stress that you endure, repetitive strains, toxic

assaults on your body, etc., all compound the process of breaking through the hardened

layers and eventually splitting the stone.

Remember that your symptoms are not the problem, but rather a result of your underlying

imbalance. In most cases, long before the pain ever began, the real cause was festering

under the surface. In many instances this process can go on for years before any

outward signs show themselves. When an imbalance is left undetected it can lead to

persistent, chronic problems and disease. In effect, what began as a porous chunk of

pumice is now a dense marble monolith.

How long it takes to correct your condition depends on how chronic the problem is, as

well as the amount and severity of other complicating factors such as age, physical

conditioning, activity level, nutritional habits and stress levels. Having the expectation

that a chronic condition will be corrected in just a couple visits to your acupuncturist is

simply unrealistic.

The key to finally overcoming the resistance of the stone is to be as consistent as

possible with treatment and to give the body the time it needs to return to its natural


Be patient, each treatment builds upon the one before it until the ultimate goal of balance

is achieved.

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