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The strongest of all warriors are these two – time and patience. ~ Leo Tolstoy

Remember the last time you stubbed your toe or bumped your head? The damage

occurred first, and then you felt the pain, right? It doesn’t happen the other way around.

In these simple examples the reaction is almost instantaneous, and in most cases the

recovery is short­lived as well. But what about something a little more complex and deep


When dealing with a more complicated issue like an imbalance you must first distinguish

between the signs and symptoms that it eventually produces. Most imbalances develop

slowly over time, and could be months or years in the making by the time pain or other

symptoms finally surface. In the meantime energy flow has been choked off, cells,

organs and nerves have been affected, and tissues become damaged or irritated. Play

this scenario out long enough and eventually your body will begin to express some type of


The important thing to note here is that extensive damage can occur under the surface

long before symptoms ever develop. If you’ve been raised to equate pain with sickness

and lack of pain with health, you can see how dangerous this can be.

When it comes to relieving painful symptoms and ultimately correcting the underlying

imbalance, you must give the body time to do its work, and for the treatments to take


Symptom relief will come before the actual meridian rebalance. But when you consider

that the symptom was often brewing under the surface for quite a while, even just getting

you pain­free can take some time, so be patient.

The majority of the time spent on a schedule of comprehensive acupuncture care is

devoted to correcting the underlying imbalance(s). When the meridian system becomes

blocked and out of balance, it takes time to retrain the body to function optimally. But

even if the imbalance could be corrected with a single treatment, the body would still need

quite a bit of time to heal and rebuild normally. Imagine that your grass dies because

your sprinkler system goes down. The grass doesn’t suddenly reappear as soon as you

correct its water supply. Just like the grass, your body needs the necessary time and

care to regenerate. Trust acupuncture and give it time to do its work.

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