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Tune in to Health

Remember the days of rabbit ear antennas on your television sets? If you were lucky

enough to find the exact seating position in your living room to optimize your body’s own

magnetic field and the tilt of the earth’s axis, these beauties could tune in your favorite

show with the crystal clarity of a thick San Francisco fog. If ­ heaven forbid ­ you wanted

to tune to another channel, this required a coordinated, 2 handed effort of spinning and

rotating the antennas, the likes of which would rival even the most skilled of Olympic


The point here is that no matter what show you wanted to watch, you could pick it up on

your set, but only if the antenna was functioning properly and only if it was aligned in the

right position. The signal was always in the air, but whether or not your show came in

clearly depended upon the antenna’s ability to transfer the signal to your TV set.

For those of you struggling with your health, keep in mind that you always have the

potential for improvement. Your body was created by an intelligence that is unerring,

infallible, and always on the job, and this intelligence is expressed through the body’s

energetic meridian system.

Research shows that acupuncture can help with many more health problems other than

just for pain and aches. The problem is usually not with the meridian system itself, but

rather with the transmission of energy through the body. Just like the old VHF signals

being broadcast over the air, the energy is always present; the signal is always there.

Remaining healthy is a matter of transferring that signal as efficiently as possible to all

parts of your body, and in this case your meridian system functions as the antenna. The

farther out of balance your system becomes, the weaker the signal gets. Bringing the

meridians back into its proper balance allows for the signal to broadcast at full strength.

Imbalances choke off vital energy traveling throughout the body, but instead of a fuzzy

picture, you get sciatic pain, headaches, asthma, fatigue, numbness, digestive disorders,

allergies, chronic sickness, etc.

Acupuncture works by supporting and balancing the “signals” being broadcast by your

body and laying the ground for optimum expression of health. Clearing the meridian

system of imbalances allows the free flow of energy to every cell, organ, nerve, and

tissue, resulting in crystal clear, HD reception and picture­perfect health.

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