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Women’s Health

Women's HealthA Google search on “Women’s Health” results in endless pages talking about the branch of medicine that focuses on the treatment and diagnosis of diseases and conditions that affect a woman’s physical and emotional well-being. Everything from breast and ovarian cancer treatment and sexually transmitted diseases to menopause and hormone therapy. What we discovered is a medical system that is reacting to disease rather than investing in preventing them. You frequently hear the medical Industry talking about cancer prevention, “get your mammograms.” Mammograms are a tool for detecting breast tumors and cancer that are already there. Nothing preventative about that.

The alternative healthcare industry takes a preventative and restorative approach to your health. We aim to find the root of your symptoms and disease. Rather than being reactive we team up with you to take a proactive approach to your health and wellness. We view women’s health holistically, treating the woman as a whole being – mind, body, and spirit rather than just one body part per appointment.

You see, we are multi-faceted beings and like the old song says our shin bone is connected to our ankle bone, and if there is an issue with the ankle, it will affect the knees, and hips, spine, and your emotional well being, too. It is a disservice to only look at “one thing” or one symptom, make a diagnosis and treat just a compartmentalized portion of a bigger picture.

For example, have you ever visited your doctor to complain about heavy periods or symptoms of PMS, only to be told that is normal as you age? Guess what, it isn’t! Your menstrual cycle is supposed to be regular, consistent, and pain free – even as you age! The symptoms you experience are a picture of a deeper imbalance that is occurring in your system. When those imbalances are left untreated for long periods of time, disease occurs.

When it comes to Women’s Health, we get to the root of your symptoms, and treat the imbalance holistically so that we “interrupt” the disease from setting in.

Anoka Massage & Pain Therapy can assist in many areas of women’s health:

The women’s health services team at Anoka Massage & Pain Therapy includes providers from a variety of different specialties. Your team may include:

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