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We help chronic painWe Help Chronic Pain 
We treat chronic pain and manage symptoms of illness naturally. More. . .
Anoka Massage & Pain Therapy specializes in Medical MassageNatural Relief
We help relieve your chronic pain naturally without medication. More . . .
Natural drug free pain therapyTake Control of Your Life
Are you ready once and for all to live free from pain and discomfort? More . . .






OK, so you have health insurance. But what are you really insured against? Have you

ever considered that in actuality health insurance has very little to do with health and


Most insurance plans are structured so that benefits are available to you when you get

sick or develop disease. Display symptoms, and your insurance will help you counteract

them.… Read the rest



The concept of gardening gives us an excellent illustration for the theories behind

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and acupuncture. Imagine you are a gardener whose

job it is to help a garden thrive. To help nature along, you must provide necessities such

as water and fertilizer.

You must make sure plants receive the right amount of sun, and you must weed out any

undesirable elements.… Read the rest

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