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Ear Candling

Ear Candling Historically used by people who may suffer from itchy inner ears, hearing loss, or ear infections. Ear Candling may also provide relief from sinus infections, nasal congestion, or migraine headaches. It’s a simple and safe way of removing ear wax and toxins that have collected in the ear. Ear coning may also help to improve your hearing, smell, taste, vision and color perception, and it will help to detoxify your sinus and lymph system. It helps to decrease headaches and open your sinus cavities. Most people enjoy the process and find it to be very relaxing — some to the point of drifting off to sleep. Sounds similar to ocean waves or a crackling campfire have been described. We use ear cones that resemble hollow candles. The larger end is lit and the smaller end is placed comfortably into your ear. Ear coning uses a vacuum process to remove the old wax and bacteria build up from your ear that can cause ear aches, loss of hearing, sinus pressure, ringing, and fluid in ears.

Katie and Toni are our ear candling therapists.

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