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Myofascial Release

Myofascial Releasemyofascial release

by: Anoka Massage Myofascial Therapist Dave


Throughout my career as a massage therapist I have been able to help many clients achieve great results, but until fully incorporating MFR into my practice,  long lasting results have been somewhat elusive. I credit JFB-MFR as the missing link in my search for lasting results.

I am committed to finding ways to help my clients return to a more pain-free and active lifestyle, and approach each session with an open mind and focused on what you need that day, no protocols, no one size fits all, customized sessions to fit each client, each day.


What is the Fascial System?

This system is the matrix which all cells, organs, and systems of the mind/body lie within. This matrix is also within all the cells of the body. This is like a three dimensional spider web that reaches from the top of your head down to the tips of your toes, IE; connective tissue. You may have heard “everything is connected”, this is what connects it all. Around and within this system is a fluid known as ground substance. The ground substance is filled with the nutrients and waste products going into, and out of each and every cell of the body. It is also a communication system which energy flows through, similar to fiber optic cables. This system exists in humans and animals. This system has gone mostly unstudied by medicine; it is only recently that it is being recognized as an important system in the body.


Why does the Fascial System need to be treated?

Anytime we are injured, have surgery, lose a loved one, are scared, worried, or sustain a trauma of any kind, physical or emotional, damage is done to the fascial system, and restrictions are formed. These restrictions inhibit the flow of nutrients, waste products, and freedom of movement, nerve impulses, blood flow, and energy flow throughout the mind/body. These restrictions are capable of producing 2000 pounds per square inch of force upon these structures and pain sensitive tissue. These Restrictions do not show up on any tests or imaging used today. Eventually, the ground substance begins to solidify, and causes a chain reaction of restrictions, that will work its way throughout the mind/body like a spider web, or vine and cause dysfunction or disease at the site of injury or other places in the body. This is why the John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach is a “Full Body” approach. Consider the part of the body that hurts the tip of the iceberg, the end of a whole chain of events that ends in shoulder pain, or headaches, or sleep issues, or just about anything you can think of. The cause of the pain may be on the other side, or end of the body. ”Find the pain, look elsewhere for the cause”.

Everyone is different, we all respond differently to things that happen to us and the stimulus of the world around us. These varied responses are what cause each of us to have a different pain or issue to any car accident, fall, and emotional pain, anything that injures us in any way. We certainly don’t claim to cure anything, but keep an open mind as to the possibility of thing we don’t yet understand to be possible. That being said, this work has the potential to improve just about any issue you may be dealing with.


What is John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach?

JFB- MFR is a way of accessing or “turning on” the human mind/body’s natural, instinctual ability to heal itself.  This is something that we all have within us as humans.

John F. Barnes, PT discovered and developed unique techniques to access and work with the Fascial System of the mind/body through personal challenges of his own more than 40 years ago. As described above, when a trauma is sustained, a restriction is formed, and the ground substance will solidify. This is called a phase change. When water turns to ice, or turns to vapor, this is a phase change. This requires energy and time. The pressure and the stretch provide the energy, holding the stretch for a minimum of 3- 5 minutes provides the time required for the ground substance to phase change back to a more fluid state. The time component is the key to JFB MFR being so effective and having lasting results. There are other forms of bodywork and “MFR” that provide the energy, and can produce similar results, but they don’t provide the time component, not allowing the phase change to take place, and therefore not producing lasting results.

Another aspect of JFB -MFR that sets it apart from some forms of fascial work, such as Rolfing and Structural Integration, is that the system is never forced.  If too much force is used, the reflex response is triggered, and the body tightens and braces against the work, and can actually make things worse.  The work needs to be applied slowly and gently, when was the last time “Mother Nature” did what you told her to?

There are two more components to JFB-MFR that set it apart, Rebounding and Unwinding. Rebounding is a “rocking” of the body that creates a “wave” that resonates throughout the fluid in the body, and is able to breakdown restrictions and leave you incredibly relaxed and energized. Unwinding is a spontaneous movement of the body, guided by the body, that aids the “unraveling”, or Unwinding of restrictions throughout the body.

If you would like to experience the profound benefits of Myofascial Release, Please schedule your appointment with Dave by calling 763.421.2807, or use our convenient online scheduling system available 24/7.

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