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Cold Snap


TRADITIONAL HERBAL REMEDY – Strengthen and support your immune system when battling flu and cold symptoms, when the seasons are changing, or when a rapid response to stress is needed.


HERBAL MEDICINE – Using the tradition of Chinese herbal medicine, Cold Snap has 20 herbs to restore righteous chi and build your body’s strength to heal itself quickly and effectively.


Cold Snap offers:


IMMUNE SUPPORT stay healthy year-round

EASY serving sizes for natural health

HERBAL using only the finest ingredients


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Cold Snap is an herbal supplement containing twenty herbs to restore righteous chi. Cold Snap is a weather phenomenon producing a sudden change in temperature, and an important time to strengthen the body’s good design.

Building Righteous Chi
Building righteous chi supports the idea that you can be in charge of your life and not live in a prison of expectations and stress. Obligations give way to creativity and then become endeavors that are more fulfilling. With health and strong chi there is movement and the unwanted guest cannot penetrate. When strengthening the system, you do not stimulate, stifle, or eliminate, but rather bring about balance at the deepest levels.

The body is a good design. When functioning at its optimum level the unwanted guest has no chance to move in and invade. With righteous chi the symptoms are taken care of by the appropriate system be it digestive, immunological, or simply raw constitutional strength.

Shifting Gears
Cold Snap has the ability to change gears. It is able to change gears so effectively because of its unique mix of ingredients and the technology behind it. Cold Snap deals with the varied climates that spring up as a result of the relationship created by the virus entering the body. The relationship is complex and constantly presents new challenges to the self and to the remedy used. Cold Snap deals with these changes effectively. The distinction between chasing symptoms and strengthening the body’s well-designed systems and facilitating your natural healing is a phenomenon worth experiencing.


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