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8 easy ways to be more active

With the arrival of nicer weather, we have a tendency to be more active than we are in winter. Many outdoor activities like gardening, home improvements, playing with the grandchildren, or walking the dog can make us realize that we were less active over the winter than we should have been.

If your weekend warrior status has you feeling stiff and sore come Mondays, it’s time to give your body a spring tune up with acupuncture and massage.Read the rest

5 Tips for Active Aging

Everybody talks about active aging, but not everybody knows what it’s supposed to look like. Working to stay happy and healthy as we get older shouldn’t be a drag, something done to slow an inevitable decline into decrepitude. Some things get better and better with age! While the grocery store magazine rack offers all kinds of tips for getting a bikini bod or looking 20 forever, there’s not much actual health advice anyone ought to be taking.… Read the rest

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