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8 easy ways to be more active

With the arrival of nicer weather, we have a tendency to be more active than we are in winter. Many outdoor activities like gardening, home improvements, playing with the grandchildren, or walking the dog can make us realize that we were less active over the winter than we should have been.

If your weekend warrior status has you feeling stiff and sore come Mondays, it’s time to give your body a spring tune up with acupuncture and massage.Read the rest

Strengthening Your Core to Prevent Injury and Stay Healthy

Strengthening Your Core to Prevent Injury and Stay Healthy

Your core is your center of balance and strength for almost everything you do.

Your core muscles are a group of muscles running down the center of your body. These include your abdominal muscles, back muscles, and your pelvis. These core muscles work together to help you
maintain balance, posture and strength.… Read the rest

Balance Calories and Activities

You get your calories or energy from what you eat and drink. To maintain a healthy weight, you have to balance your daily calories with how you use them. If you need to lose some pounds, the best approach is a combination of healthy diet and physical activity. And studies show the only way to keep that weight off is to be active on a regular basis.… Read the rest

Get Active, Stay Young!

You can’t do much without healthy bones, joints and muscles. As you age, it’s especially important to protect your “moving parts” with aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercises.

These activities can slow the loss of bone density that makes you weaker and more likely to get hurt as you get older. They also lower your risk for arthritis and osteoporosis down the road.… Read the rest

Beware of These Fitness Myths

Have you heard that you should stop exercising as you get older? Or that women shouldn’t do weight-training activities because they’ll get too muscular? These are both common fitness myths.

The truth is that staying active is one of the best ways you can stay strong and fight aging. Plus, you can lower your risk for many serious health problems, like heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, some cancers and bone density loss.… Read the rest

Exercising in groups has lots of great benefits.

Getting motivated to work out on your own can be hard. But having friends join your activities makes them more fun! Exercising in groups has lots of great benefits. Two or more people can energize and support each other to keep moving. They can also help make fitness part of each other’s daily routine.

Plus, when you meet your health goals, it’s nice to have cheerleaders applaud your success and encourage you to set new ones.… Read the rest


We have all read the unfortunate headlines.


“37 Year Old MLB Baseball Pitcher Dies of Heart Attack”

“NHL Hockey Player Found Dead in Condo at Age 35, No Foul Play Suspected”

“Olympic Skater’s Life Cut Short at 28, Dies of Natural Causes”


These were elite athletes at the top of their sport. Were they fit?… Read the rest

The Best Home Gym Equipment for Less than $50

Don’t you love how great you feel when you work out regularly?

You’re alert, you sleep better, and it’s easier to stay calm and optimistic.  Once you get in the routine of working out and keeping a healthy routine, it’s fun.

But there’s always something that stops you.  For most of us, it’s either time or money. … Read the rest

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