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5 Benefits Of Massage During The Summer

Warm summer weather is here and you are off – grilling, gardening, traveling, running the kids around, the list goes on. So often the busy times in life are the times we stop taking care of our selves. However, the summer months are when your body may need massage the most.


We asked our team of therapists why you should get massage in the summer and here is what they had to say:

  1. Massage Is “You Time”
    During summer, you are busy with plans and activities more than other times of the year.
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Don’t Over-do Your Barbeque

Barbecuing in the great outdoors is fun, relaxing and brings people together. But it also means you have to be extra careful when you prepare food.

Some studies suggest that eating food charred by high-heat techniques, such as barbecuing, grilling, frying and broiling, may raise your risk for cancer. To make sure your cookout stays safe:

  • Don’t leave meat or poultry cooking over a high-heat source, like an open flame or hot metal surface, for too long.
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Protect the skin you’re in

It’s easy to think about sun safety during the summer or at the beach. But it’s important to protect yourself all year long – even on cloudy and hazy days. The sun, as well as tanning beds and sunlamps, gives off an invisible kind of radiation called ultraviolet (UV) rays.
Too much exposure to UV rays can damage your skin and eyes, and lead to cancer.… Read the rest

Simple Steps to Prevent and Detect Melanoma/Skin Cancer

Summer is right around the corner and where there is more sun, there is often more skin exposure. May is Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month and we are going to look at some ways you can prevent and detect skin cancer.




Cover up with clothes and sunscreen.

As a rule of thumb, cover up as much as possible.Read the rest

The One Simple Summer Eating Tip to Make You Feel Fantastic

Healthy eating tips for the summer are a little tricky.

Since the weather is warm, you need light, cooling foods. Juicy peaches, sweet watermelons, tomatoes hot off the vine…The right foods are easy to find. One trip through your garden or a walk through a farmer’s market and you’ll have the perfect summer meal.

But since you’re outside exercising and working in the garden, you build up an appetite.… Read the rest

5 Reasons Why Camping Can Bring You Happiness

The Great Outdoors is not for everyone. It’s raw, dirty, and you’re exposed to the elements.  (And there are bugs. Oh, the bugs.)

No matter how rugged (or fancy) your outdoor adventure, there are qualities about camping we won’t find elsewhere in one complete package. What could be better than that? If you’re a camping veteran, you know what I’m talking about.… Read the rest

Chew On This…

The Spleen and Stomach rule the summer season. That means these organs are now most active, accessible, and unfortunately prone to problems. They are also associated with the “Earth” element. Earth provides support and nourishment for all life. Likewise, these active organs provide the body with nourishment. Food is ingested, digested, transformed, transported, and assimilated into the physical body, creating bone, muscle, energy, and blood.Read the rest

Healthy Picnic Recipes

Warmer weather is here (finally!) For many of this means picnic and outdoor BBQ season is upon us. Do you feel stuck in a rut bringing the same old tired dish? Or, perhaps you feel like your healthy eating habits have to be banished when bellying up to the buffet. Not so! We asked our Massage Therapists to share their favorite healthy summer gathering dishes.… Read the rest

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