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The Best (and Worst) Thanksgiving Foods

Thanksgiving is a great meal. Friends and family come together to give thanks and

celebrate the harvest season­­

…and to overeat.

All of us know the feeling of eating too much, too heavy, too rich. When we should be

enjoying our time with loved ones, we are uncomfortable. We exasperate our health

conditions and catch a cold.… Read the rest

Using Acupuncture to Quit Smoking

Smoking is a strong, complicated addiction. Quitting smoking is no small task and you will need lots of support to be successful. You need the best tools to help with the physical and emotional  symptoms, and acupuncture is a great resource to help you succeed.

Here are the 6 things you should know about using acupuncture to quit smoking.

Read the rest

Healthy Holiday Eating

Pie. Cookies. Chocolate. Eggnog. Champagne.


The holiday season is filled with good foods. You eat and drink with your friends and

loved ones to celebrate how much you care about them.


But we all know that too much of a good thing is no longer good. Too many rich foods

can lead to extra pounds, digestion upsets, mood swings and a generally “yucky” feeling.… Read the rest


Did you ever wonder what makes a newborn baby cry when it is hungry? A tiny infant a

few days out of the womb can communicate their needs to their mother without the ability

to utter a single syllable of their native language. They didn’t learn this skill by reading a

book, watching a video, or by any other form of educated intelligence.… Read the rest


Nature has a way of providing us with what we need, when we need it. That’s especially

true when it comes to the foods that become available with each season. Autumn brings

with it a bounty of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that nourish the body and support health

and well­being. Being aware of seasonal foods and attuning your diet to your body’s

needs is a great way to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature.… Read the rest

Top 10 Reasons to Try Acupuncture

Top 10 Reasons to Try Acupuncture

1. Acupuncturists view each person holistically and individually.

No two people are alike. Every cell in that person’s body is interconnected to others and is functioning as part of an integrated whole. In other words, acupuncture treats the whole person, not just parts and pieces. The root causes of a symptom that two people are experiencing may be completely different.… Read the rest

The One Simple Summer Eating Tip to Make You Feel Fantastic

Healthy eating tips for the summer are a little tricky.

Since the weather is warm, you need light, cooling foods. Juicy peaches, sweet watermelons, tomatoes hot off the vine…The right foods are easy to find. One trip through your garden or a walk through a farmer’s market and you’ll have the perfect summer meal.

But since you’re outside exercising and working in the garden, you build up an appetite.… Read the rest


If given a choice between real and artificial, the majority of people in most instances will

choose real. No matter the product, there is an implied superiority to the authentic item

as compared to an imitation, no matter how similar the two may be.

Advertisers understand this wholeheartedly. They are quick to tout their product as “real”,

“authentic”, “the original”, or “genuine”.… Read the rest


The banana. It’s the perfect snack food. It’s a great source of potassium and even

comes in its own wrapper. Picked ripe off the tree, it can’t be beat.

The only problem is unless you have a banana tree in your backyard, we never get

bananas ripe off the tree. In fact, the tasty sweet yellow banana that you enjoy is actually

in the process of rotting.… Read the rest


If you’ve ever seen an old­time stonecutter at work, you know that persistence pays off.

Equipped only with a sledgehammer, chisel, and determination, they rain blow after blow

down upon the rock, confident that their work will produce the desired result. Although

the stone shows no outward signs of wear and tear, the stone cutter continues on,

knowing that each swing of the hammer will weaken the stone a little more until it finally

splits in half.… Read the rest

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