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5 Acupoints for Anxiety You Can Administer Yourself

“At a time when people are so conscious of maintaining their physical health by controlling their diets, exercising, and so forth, it makes sense to try to cultivate the corresponding mental attitudes too.”

– HH the Dalai Lama, 1963

It can be easy to forget how much our mental state can affect our physical well-being. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, that connection is evident in the treatment strategies, but it is also true that when we are feeling bad, we don’t always think to look at our minds.Read the rest

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DIY Self Care Gift Baskets

How to Make a Self-Care gift Basket for a Friend – DIY

Self care is an important part of your well-being. Unfortunately, we tend to put our needs on the backburner and care for ourselves after we have tended to everyone and everything else in our lives first.

Help your loved ones put themselves first by making a self-care gift basket gift.… Read the rest

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